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Do Braces Affect Day-to-Day Life?

There are common concerns people have when considering braces. For some, it’s how they’ll look. For others, they worry it might affect their day to day life.  The truth is, the impact of braces on your daily living is minimal. 

Here’s is what you can expect when you first get braces. 

A Brief Adjustment Period 

When you first get your braces, you may feel some initial agitation or discomfort. After all, your mouth isn’t used to having brackets between your teeth and your lips. They may feel a little tender for the first week or so. 

Meanwhile, the braces are pulling your teeth into their proper placement. This can lead to temporary agitation for some. That’s not to say it’s painful. Your mouth might just feel different. 

But the human body is designed to adjust and adapt, and your mouth is no different. Soon, you’ll forget the braces are even there. 

Watching What You Eat 

The biggest change that comes with braces revolves around what you eat, or more specifically, what you can’t eat.  

If you have braces, you’ll want to avoid chewy candies, bagels and other hard bread, sticky food, popcorn, and uncut apples. Apple slices are just fine.  

What Braces Don’t Affect 

Some people worry that braces will affect their speech or singing. You can rest assured, you will sound the same as you did before. If you play an instrument, you’ll mostly be fine. Brass players, especially trumpeters, will have to adapt to their braces.  

Still, it’s completely possible to play your instrument with braces. 

Before you know it, your braces will be off, and you’ll be enjoying your best smile ever. Whether you’re looking for braces or Invisalign, we provide quality orthodontics in Beavercreek, Bellefontaine, and Springfield, Ohio.