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Your radiant, confident smile is within reach. Technological advancements in braces have come a long way, making them a more appealing, convenient and comfortable option than ever before. At Dhingra Orthodontics, we are passionate about using braces to create your ideal smile!

The benefits of orthodontic treatment extend far beyond aesthetic improvements. If you are having issues chewing, speaking or breathing due to the alignment of your teeth, visit our Bellefontaine, Springfield or Beavercreek locations for a complimentary braces consultation.

What Are Braces and How Do They Work?

Braces are a common orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and improve your bite. They consist of brackets bonded to each tooth and a thin metal wire that is threaded through them. The wire applies gentle, constant pressure on your teeth, slowly guiding them into their desired positions over time.

This movement is possible because of the bone surrounding your teeth. By applying controlled pressure, braces stimulate the bone to break down and rebuild in new locations, allowing your teeth to move without causing damage. Regular adjustments tighten the wire and ensure your teeth are moving toward a perfect smile.

Orthodontic treatment can be a perfect solution for patients of any age. Whether you are a child, adolescent, adult or senior, we can help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile!

Types of Braces Available at Dhingra Orthodontics

Getting braces in Bellefontaine, Beavercreek and Springfield, OH is easy with Dhingra Orthodontics. Braces today range from colorful to nearly invisible, and we offer a variety of options to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Clear Braces

At Dhingra Orthodontics, we know an aligned smile is essential for overall health and confidence. Clear ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces, but with a nearly invisible design. We use clear ceramic brackets to create a sleek look that blends beautifully with your smile. Clear braces are a great option for patients of all ages.

Traditional Metal Braces

Braces use stainless steel brackets, wires and tiny rubber bands to gently move your teeth into their ideal positions. Metal braces have been used for over 100 years because they create incredible results, but in that time they’ve continued to evolve and improve, becoming more effective and comfortable.

Braces work for a wide range of cases, from minor gaps to complex misalignments. Metal braces offer precise control and can be personalized with clear or colorful rubber bands!

Braces Alternatives

Clear aligners, sometimes called invisible braces, offer a revolutionary approach to straightening teeth. Unlike traditional braces, they use a series of clear, custom-made trays that are virtually undetectable. These trays gently shift your teeth into place over time.

Here’s the beauty of clear aligners: they’re removable! You’ll wear each set of trays for one to two weeks, taking them out to eat, drink and brush. Just remember to wear them for at least 20 – 22 hours a day for optimal results.

Benefits of Braces For Adults

If you’re an adult who’s considering getting braces, there’s no time like the present! Today, adults are embracing straighter smiles in record numbers. Here’s why:

Two women with braces for adults posing for a picture as they have lunch together.
Teenager with braces teens and a beaming smile posing against an outdoor wall.

Benefits of Braces For Teens

Teenage years are a prime time for orthodontic treatment! Here’s why braces can be a smart choice for your teen:

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Imagine a smile that makes you light up from the inside out – a smile that boosts your confidence and lets the world know you’re ready to take it on. That’s the power of a healthy, straight smile, and it’s within reach!

At Dhingra Orthodontics, we understand your journey to a confident smile is personal. We’re here to support you every step of the way by creating a treatment plan that fits your busy lifestyle.

Ready to unlock a smile you’ll love? Schedule your complimentary consultation today, and let’s start your transformative journey together!

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontic Braces

Every orthodontic patient has unique needs. Because each person has different reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment, providing a ballpark figure for their treatment can be challenging. That said, treatment can run anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500.

Braces can tackle a range of malocclusions (bite issues), including:

  • Misaligned bites (overbites & underbites)
  • Crowded or gapped teeth
  • Improper bite patterns (crossbites)
  • Tilted, rotated or misplaced teeth
  • Uneven smile centerlines

Yes! Our expert orthodontists – and the rest of our experienced team – will work with you throughout treatment to ensure you get the straight, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of!

We understand that a good orthodontist will involve you in the process and address any concerns you may have before removing the braces. If you had an experience at another practice where that wasn’t the case, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion with Dhingra Orthodontics. We’re here to help!

Thinking about getting braces? Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

  • Consultation: It all starts with a visit to Dhingra Orthodontics! We’ll examine your teeth and discuss treatment options, including whether braces fit your smile goals best.
  • Treatment: Once you have decided to proceed, your braces are installed. This involves attaching brackets to your teeth and connecting them with a wire. During treatment, you’ll come in every few weeks so we can check your progress and make periodic adjustments.
  • Follow-Up Care: The braces come off after your teeth reach their ideal positions. But the journey doesn’t end there. To maintain your beautiful smile, you’ll need to wear a retainer!

Treatment time with braces varies, but it usually falls between 1 and 2 years. Dhingra Orthodontics will create a personalized plan based on your unique smile goals, so your specific treatment timeline will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Your smile is a lifetime investment, and Dhingra Orthodontics is here to make achieving it accessible. We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans, and our friendly staff is happy to help you navigate the insurance maze. From paperwork to claims, we’ll guide you through every step.

Have questions about coverage or how we can make your orthodontic journey smooth? Don’t hesitate to ask! We’re committed to creating a positive experience for every patient.

Certain foods can damage your braces or slow down progress. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Sticky Foods: Candies, caramels and chewing gum can stick to brackets and wires, potentially causing them to break or loosen.
  • Hard and Crunchy Foods: Popcorn kernels, hard chips and raw vegetables like carrots can damage or bend your braces.
  • Tough and Chewy Foods: Avoid chewy bagels, biting into raw apples, and tough meats like steak or pork chops. These require significant bite force, which can put stress on your braces.

Here are some suggestions for soft, easy-to-chew foods that will minimize discomfort and provide essential nutrients:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal or scrambled eggs are nourishing and gentle on your mouth.
  • Lunch/Dinner: Soups, softer-cooked pasta or flaky fish are excellent options.
  • Vegetables: Steaming or boiling vegetables makes them softer, and they are a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sides: Mashed potatoes and soft cheeses are delicious and easy to chew.
  • Snacks: Bananas provide natural sweetness and are soft, while yogurt offers a creamy and versatile option.
  • Occasional Treat: Ice cream can provide temporary relief from pressure and discomfort with its cool temperature, but enjoy it sparingly.

Getting braces is an exciting step towards a straighter, healthier smile. However, it’s natural to experience some discomfort during the adjustment period. Don’t worry, this temporary phase is manageable with a few simple tips and tricks!

Use an Ice Pack

Ice packs are your friend! The cold temperature helps reduce inflammation and numb your mouth, providing temporary relief from braces pain. Simply apply the ice pack to the outside of your affected cheek for a soothing effect.

Use a Heating Pad

For continued discomfort, try heat therapy. Apply a heating pad or warm washcloth to the outside of your cheek for pain relief.

Eat Some Ice Cream

Cold treats like popsicles or ice cream can double as pain relievers. The coolness numbs your mouth and reduces inflammation, offering temporary comfort. Remember to brush thoroughly afterward to avoid cavities. For a sugar-free option, try sipping on cold water.

Rinse With Warm Saltwater

A warm salt water rinse can be a lifesaver during orthodontic treatment! Saltwater helps reduce discomfort and has natural cleansing properties that can help prevent infection. Simply mix a teaspoon of table salt with warm water, gargle for 60 seconds, and spit!

Take Pain Medication

Consider over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen for temporary relief of discomfort. Always follow the dosage instructions carefully and consult your doctor before taking any medication, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.


Discovered a broken bracket? Don’t panic! If the broken bracket doesn’t irritate your mouth, you can likely wait until your next regular appointment to get it fixed without affecting your treatment. Call or text us ASAP so we can adjust your next appointment and guide you through the next steps. If the broken bracket is causing any discomfort, you can use orthodontic wax to create a temporary barrier while you wait for your appointment!