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Adult Braces Treatment in Ohio

It’s always the right time to start orthodontic treatment! More and more adults are choosing to improve their confidence and gain a fresh outlook. That is why one in four orthodontic patients are adults

Modern adult braces are vastly different from what you may remember as a teenager. Appliances like Invisalign®, Radiance Clear braces, and Metal braces feature low-profile components that allow a less noticeable and more comfortable treatment. Plus, they are built to stand up to the demands of any busy adult’s lifestyle. 

Dr’s Azie and Seema Dhingra have over 30 years of experience in transforming smiles. Discover why people of all ages depend on Dhingra Orthodontics to achieve the smile of their dreams. 

We Offer Several Types of Braces for Adults in Three Ohio Cities!

If you’ve struggled with alignment issues your whole life or have had treatment in the past, but your teeth reverted to their original position, we’re here for you. 

We offer a variety of discreet treatment options that are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and customized to meet your lifestyle!

a patient holding invisalign clear braces on the palm of her hand


As a certified Platinum Provider of Invisalign, we know how to get stunning results using aligners. Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible clear trays that restore your smile to its ideal shape. Simply wear your Invisalign trays for 20-22 hours daily and replace them at specified intervals. Learn more about why Invisalign is one of the most popular options for adult braces

a close up of clear ceramic braces on a patient

Clear Braces

Radiance Plus Clear braces are made of a transparent material that blends into your surrounding teeth. Their advanced design can handle even the most complex misalignments. Plus, they are stain resistant and built to stand up to just about anything! 

close up of traditional metal braces on a patient

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a tried-and-true method of orthodontic treatment. Modern updates to this design have a more sophisticated and refined look that accentuates your comfort. Treatment times for traditional metal braces usually range anywhere from 18-24 months. 

What Are The Advantages of Adult Orthodontics?

Modern advancements mean that you can get a beautiful smile at any age. A healthy smile boosts your well-being. There is no cut-off for when you can start enjoying your best smile! 

In addition to contouring the shape of your face for a more youthful and relaxed appearance, there are many more advantages to getting braces as an adult. Teeth with uneven surfaces or jagged edges are harder to clean. They can trap food particles in your mouth which leads to harmful plaque. Correcting your bite decreases the risk of future issues and can help you avoid future dental problems. 

Get the Best Adult Orthodontics in Bellefontaine, Beavercreek, and Springfield, OH

Straightening your smile as an adult is a proven way of boosting your self-esteem and ensuring the longevity of your teeth. No matter where you are in life’s journey, the professionals at Dhingra Orthodontics know how to help you achieve a radiant and bright smile with braces. 

We have over 30 years of experience creating spectacular results with braces for adults. Rediscover the power of your smile by scheduling a complimentary consultation today