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What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

It is not common for our patients to be in need of emergency orthodontic care throughout their treatment, however, it does happen on occasion. We know that every once in a while an accident may happen that knocks an appliance loose, or a wire is poking the inside of your mouth, or you find yourself in unnecessary pain.

All of these incidents and more can be considered an emergency because we do not want you to be uncomfortable or feel like you need to suffer until your next scheduled appointment. Your overall health and comfort is very important to us.

At Dhingra Ortho, we always recommend you give us a call should you have any extreme discomfort or painful appliance issues. We allow flexibility in our schedule, knowing that these things happen and make it our priority to get you in to see Dr. Dhingra as soon as possible at any of our three locations.

In addition to calling us right away, there are a few other things you can do at home to enhance your comfort while you wait on emergency orthodontic care.

What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

Loose Brackets

We know sometimes incidents happen that lead to loose brackets such as getting hit during a soccer game or chomping down on unexpected hard or chewy foods. We also know these things can happen for no explainable reason, while it isn’t common, we want you to know what to do.

Until we see you in the office, you can place orthodontic wax on the loose bracket to protect your lip and cheek.

Loose or Poking Wire

The wires involved in orthodontic care can be tricky. We do everything in our power to be sure the execution of your orthodontic care is comfortable. It can happen that your wires feel great in the office, but when you get home you may start to notice discomfort or poking. When this happens apply orthodontic wax to ensure comfort and give us a call to make the simple adjustments needed.

General Soreness

Orthodontic care will involve some general soreness, especially immediately following appointments or adjustments. This soreness should never last for days on end or be unbearable. If you feel like your mouth has been excessively sore, we want you to give us a call for an emergency appointment.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can come about in a number of different ways. We hope this is something you never have to deal with. If you find yourself in this situation, however, we want you to go to the emergency room first and then contact us for orthodontic follow up.

Utilize orthodontic wax where needed to ease pain for your appliances in the meantime and receive the care you need to heal properly. We can always get your orthodontic treatment back on track afterwards.

High Quality Orthodontic Care

As we stated previously, it is not often that we receive calls for emergency orthodontic care. A big part of that is because we are diligent to execute your orthodontic treatment with the highest quality appliances, adhesives, and wires to make sure it is as comfortable as possible for our patients.

If you are looking for a professional and thorough orthodontist in Springfield, Beavercreek or Bellefontaine, contact Dhingra Orthodontics. We are excited to meet with you for a free consultation and have you on your way to a new healthy smile!