Brightening Lives With New Smiles

Why You Should Smile More

Smiling is a natural part of human lifeSomething funny happens or we feel sudden surge of positive emotion, and a smile forms on our face. This actually stems from a chemical reaction in our body where endorphins are released, causing the muscles of our face to shift and tighten, creating a natural smile. 

Of course, not all smiles are natural reactions. Any person can consciously force themselves to smile, should they choose. 

What’s interesting is that the connection between our body chemistry and our “smiling muscles works both waysBy intentionally smiling, you can cause your body to create endorphins that cause you to feel happy. 

In other words, a “fake” smile can lead to genuine happiness. 

On top of that, smiling has been proven to be contagious. If someone sees you smiling, they’re more likely to smile. If they smile, their body starts to create happy endorphins, which improves their mood as well. 

But What If I Struggle to Smile? 

Smiling is easier for some than others. Some simply don’t feel they have much to smile about, and they struggle to force a smile on their face. It may feel unnatural and uncomfortable, creating a negative reaction that negates any positive effect. 

Practicing smiling, as strange as it may seem, can help a lot with this. 

Still, a better solution may be to find or create humor in your daytoday life. Reflect on happy moments. Think of a joke you recently heard. Try to see the humor in an otherwise mundane situation. Intentionally seeking joy and comedy can result in a true, natural smile. 

Insecurities That Prevent Smiling 

Some hesitate to let their smile show, even when a natural urge comes along. They press their lips together or cover their mouth, hiding their smile from the world. This generally stems from a lack of confidence in their smile, often due to the condition of their teeth.  

The good news is, there is something that can be done about this. 

Orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign can properly align your teeth, leaving you with a picturesque smile that will leave you feeling more confident. In addition to making you feel better about your smile, orthodontic treatment can help protect your teeth, reduce grinding, combat bad breath, relieve jaw tension, and more. 

If you lack confidence in your smile, consider meeting with an orthodontist. At Dhingra Orthodontics, we provide a friendly, professional environment where our clients can feel safe and comfortable. Together, we can help you achieve a healthier smile that you won’t be able to contain. 

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