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Do You Have to Wear Headgear if You Have Braces?

People hesitate to get braces for a number of reasonsthough for many it comes down to concerns over appearance and discomfort. The idea of wearing headgear plays into both of these fears. If you’ve seen a movie or a show where a kid who wears braces attends a sleepover, you know they always seem to go to bed wearing comically large headgear. 

Of course, you can’t believe everything you see on TV. 

That’s why many of our clients, both young and old, ask about headgear when they start exploring orthodontic options. Is it still used? Does it look like it does in movies? What is the point of it? Though everyone’s situation is different, we thought we’d do our best to cover some of the basics regarding headgear and braces 

Headgear is Real, and It Still Used (Sometimes) 

First of all, yes, headgear is a real thing that is used to treat specific bite issues. However, it doesn’t look like some sort of medieval torture device like you’ve seen in movies and shows. Modern headgear is relatively smalldiscrete, and surprisingly comfortableThose who have to wear it typically only have to wear it when they sleep, though some may need to put it on a little earlier. 

However, many people with braces don’t have to wear headgear at all, especially if you’re an adult.  

Start Your Braces Journey 

The only way to find out whether you or your child needs headgear is to meet with an orthodontist. If you do end up needing headgear, it’s important to know that it’s nowhere near as bad as it’s often played out to be. Plus, those who do need headgear can expect their before and after results to be all the more dramatic. 

Either way, orthodontic treatment is the only way to fix alignment and bite issues. If you’re ready to achieve your happiest and healthiest smile, contact Dhingra Orthodontics located in Beavercreek, Bellefontaine, and Springfield, Ohio.