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How Have Orthodontics Changed Since You Were Young?

Over the years, much like many other areas of our lives, the technology, trends, and best practices of orthodontics have changed drastically. When we say changed, we mean improved for the better.

In the last 40 years orthodontic treatment has gone from a long, grueling, uncomfortable process that was only for those in upper class society who could afford it, to common practices for kids, teens, and adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Advancement in technology has created multiple successful treatment options that can be tailored to individuals and honestly, can be pretty quick and painless.

What’s changed in the last 40 years?

Maybe you are reading this as an adult right now and when you think of orthodontic treatment, all you can picture is the bulky braces of the 1980’s. Let’s take a look at what has changed since then.

Molding to Digital Scanning

Are you getting flashbacks of giant trays full of thick compounds that barely fit in your mouth? Back in the day, the only way to get a full picture of the status of your mouth, teeth, and jaw was to get a mold of it. This included thick compounds that you had to leave in your mouth for a short period of time to get the best impression.

Today, those molds are gone! At Dhingra orthodontics we use an iTero® Element™ scanner which allows us to get the same big picture of your mouth digitally, without the thick molds. This technology helps us monitor and keep a better eye on your progress throughout your treatment process, and is mess and hassle free!

Bulky Braces to Invisible Options

In the 80’s braces were adhered to teeth with a large metal band on each tooth and looked and felt bulky and uncomfortable. These uncomfortable treatment plans took much longer to be effective and simply looked obnoxious.

Today, even metal braces are much more discrete and comfortable. Brackets are adhered to teeth and overall much less metal material is used. This simplified version of braces you see today is much more effective over a shorter period of time compared to the bulky braces of the past.

In addition to vast improvements in the world of metal braces, we have developed invisible braces options, such as Invisalign. Invisalign clear aligners let you have the benefits of straightening your teeth without discreet clear aligning trays.

Elite Privilege to Affordable

Back in the day, braces or any other orthodontic treatment was not as commonly seen as it is today. It was viewed as a privilege only the elite upper class could afford. This doesn’t mean everyone else loved their smile, they just couldn’t afford the cost of orthodontic treatment to do anything about it.

Today, orthodontic treatment in Beavercreek, Ohio is very affordable for everyone coming from all different backgrounds. From insurance coverage, payment plans, and overall lower costs, orthodontics treatment is much more accessible to all.

It’s Not Too Late

If you are reading this, bummed that you missed out on getting orthodontic treatment due to the limitations of the past, know that it’s not too late for you. There is a whole generation of people catching up to today’s technology through adult orthodontic treatment. We treat patients of all ages and see great success and satisfaction in our adult patients who finally receive the orthodontic treatment they always wanted!