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Is It Time to See an Orthodontist?

Generally, people know when it’s time to go see different doctors and medical professionals. Have you felt sick for multiple days without signs of improvement? Then you should probably see a general practitioner or family doctor. Dealing with back or muscle pain? Schedule an appointment with a physical therapist or chiropractor. Feel a sharp pain in your tooth? It’s time to reach out to your dentist.

But when is it time to see an orthodontist? Let’s take a look.

When to See an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are technically a special type of dentist trained to help diagnose and correct teeth alignment. In addition to making your teeth look straighter, orthodontists can correct jaw alignment, reduce bad breath, stop teeth grinding, and much more. The best time to see an orthodontist is generally sooner rather than later.

Children can see an orthodontist around the age of 7. This is typically when their permanent teeth start coming in. Though it might be too early to actually receive braces or Invisalign, the orthodontist will be able to take an x-ray, chart growth patterns, and identify alignment issues as they’re happening.

Once most of the adult teeth are in, it’s probably time for braces.

The best time for children to receive braces is typically between the ages of 10 and 14. However, plenty of people don’t receive orthodontic treatment until after this age. That’s not a problem at all. It’s never too late to see an orthodontist.

If you didn’t receive orthodontic treatment as a child, or your teeth became misaligned again because you stopped wearing your retainer, orthodontic treatment is still an option for you. No matter your age, if you’re dealing with misalignment, bite issues, bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ, bad breath, or other teeth issues outside of general cavities, then it’s time to see an orthodontist.

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