Brightening Lives With New Smiles

Getting a Healthier Smile with Your Stimulus Check

With the government stimulus officially approved, millions of Americans have started receiving relief money to help them during the current COVID-19 crisis. Most Americans will be receiving $1200 from the government, along with $500 for any kids that they claim on their taxes. 

(If you haven’t received your payment yet, make sure to check the status here.) 

For those who are currently out of work, this money is likely be used to help sustain them and supplement their unemployment. For those still steadily employedthis stimulus money provides a number of opportunities. It’s essentially extra money outside of your normal budget. 

This leaves the question what should you do with your stimulus check? 

Why not invest it in yourself? 

Orthodontic Treatment is an Investment in Your Health and Well-Being 

While orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign and braces is often seen as cosmetic, it can actually help with a number of issuesBy properly aligning your teeth, you can experience relief from enamel damage, teeth grinding, bad breath, jaw pain, and more. 

Additionally, most find it improves their overall self-esteem and mental health. Misaligned teeth can have negative effects on how you see yourself. Many are insecure about their smile and even prevent themselves from smiling around other people.  

After orthodontic treatment, however, these same people find themselves naturally smiling more. Smiling more often actually makes you happierIt’s also contagious. You may be surprised to see just how differently people act towards you when you’re constantly showing a wide, healthy smile. 

This is Your Time to Achieve Your Best Smile 

Many people put off getting the orthodontic treatment they need because they’re worried about cost. There are instances where dental insurance may cover orthodontic treatment. Even if it doesn’t, orthodontic treatment can be more affordable than many realize, especially through different payment options. 

And with the current stimulus payments, you can cover a significant portion of the cost without having to alter your normal budget.  

While orthodontic offices are currently closed in the state of Ohio, we’re confident they’ll reopen soon enough. When that time comes, Dhingra Orthodontics will be here to serve as your orthodontist in Beavercreek, Ohio and the surrounding communities. 

Until then, we are still reachable for questions and consultation. Contact us today to learn about potential costs and what might be the best orthodontic treatment option for you.