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A Night on the Town – Comparing Going Out with Invisalign vs. Braces

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, you have some choices to make. One of the primary decisions is whether to get Invisalign treatment or traditional bracket braces. While there are some conditions where regular braces might be the recommended path, most people are free to choose between either option. 

The overall costs and length of treatment are fairly comparable. It’s ultimately about selecting an option that works best for your lifestyle. While Invisalign’s clear aligner trays offer a discreet treatment period, traditional braces have their own advantages. 

To help in your decision, we thought we’d take a look at what it’s like to go out for the evening with each option. Whether you’re attending a concert, going on a date, meeting up with friends for drinks, or doing something else, there are some factors to consider with both Invisalign and braces. 

By helping you understand each scenario, we hope we can make your decision a little easier. 

A Night Out with Invisalign 

If you’re going anywhere with Invisalign, you’ll probably want to have your case with you. This is what holds and protects your aligner trays whenever you take them out. The case is small and easily fits into a pocket or clutch purse.  

Some people buy an additional case or two to keep in a bag/purse/coat, etc. They’re pretty cheap, and it greatly reduces the risk of going out without a case, so it’s certainly not a bad idea. 

As you may know, you’ll have to remove your trays any time you’re consuming anything besides water. Even if it’s a clear beverage. If you’re having drinks, you might need to time out when you get a beverage and even how quickly you consume it 

Additionally, you’ll want to rinse out your mouth with water before putting your trays back in.  

While you might be considering leaving the trays at home for the evening, this isn’t a great idea. You need to wear your trays 20-22 hours a day. Assuming you’re going to be gone for more than an hour, this will likely put you behind once you factor in other meals/coffee/etc. throughout the day. 

It might seem like a bit of a hassle on paper, but you’ll find you quickly get used to the rhythm of taking out your trays, rinsing your mouth, and putting them back in. Additionally, you’ll probably find yourself drinking and snacking less while out, which usually isn’t a bad thing. 

Going Out with Braces 

Some people get shy about going out in public with braces, especially as they get older. However, adults having braces has become more and more common in recent. You shouldn’t let a fear of public perception stop you from enjoying yourself.  

Once you’re out and aboutyou’ll have a fair amount of freedom with what you consume and when you consume it. Just make sure to avoid the usual foods: 

  • Chewy food and candy 
  • Popcorn 
  • Gum 
  • Hard pretzels 
  • Foods you bite into (like apples, fried chicken, etc.) 

Also, if you have a beverage with ice, don’t chew the ice. This is something everyone should actually be avoiding, but it’s especially bad for those with braces. Just don’t do it. 

If you can, try to rinse out your mouth after eating. A quick brush and/or floss is even better. 

Learning Your Options 

The only way to discover the orthodontic options available to you is to visit an orthodontist. They’ll be able to examine your situation and provide their recommendations, along with an estimation of cost and time. Most likely, the choice between braces or Invisalign will be up to you. 

Your orthodontist will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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