Brightening Lives With New Smiles

What It’s Like to Have Your Braces Removed

Some people make a big deal about having braces. They worry about the foods they can’t eat or what other people will think. In truth, having braces on your teeth isn’t a big deal these days, whether you’re a child or an adult. 

Sure, there are a few foods you’ll have to avoid, but there are still plenty of wonderful things to eat. You’ll need to make sure you brush and floss properly, but that’s something everyone should be doing. After a week or two with braces, you’ll start to forget they’re even there. 

Life will resume as normal, and the next 18 months or so will fly by. 

What is a big deal is the day the braces come off. This is why you got braces in the first place. This is the day you get to bask in the wonderful results that come with orthodontic treatment. What’s it like to have your braces removed? Let’s take a look! 

Time for Removal 

When you start orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will give you an estimation of how long the treatment will take. This can change slightly depending on how quickly your teeth adjust. If they feel it’s going to take more or less time, they’ll let you know during your adjustment appointments. 

Finally, they’ll decide that your teeth have reached their final, proper position. At this point, you’ll have your removal appointment. 

Your orthodontist will remove the bands and brackets one at a time. You’ll find this goes more quickly than when your braces were attached. You shouldn’t expect any pain or discomfort, though you may hear a popping noise as the brackets are pulled from your teeth. This comes from the cement used to bond the bracket its respective tooth. 

Once the braces are off, you’ll likely feel a newfound sense of freedom and relief in your mouth. In fact, it might take a little while to adjust to how different your mouth feels. 

Sometimes, a little residue can be left on your teeth from where the brackets were attached. Your orthodontist will clean this off. After that, it’s time to see your new, beautiful smile. 

The Moment of Revelation 

There’s no way to properly describe how you will feel when you see your teeth without braces for the first time. It’s almost like you have a new set of teeth. You’ll likely have a hard time taking your eyes off of them, and you’ll find yourself naturally smiling because of how good they look. 

Your orthodontist may ask to take a picture of you. Chances are, you’ll want a picture taken yourself. Don’t be shy. Take all of the selfies you want in celebration! 

Depending on your brushing habits while you had braces, there may be some subtle white spots on your teeth. This is nothing to worry about. You’ll want to talk to your orthodontist on how to best take care of these spots. 

One Final Step 

After taking in the wonder of your new smile, you’ll more than likely be fitted for a retainer. This is a very important piece of equipment that will keep your teeth in place. Though the braces have moved your teeth into their proper place, your gums and mouth aren’t used to them being in this new position. 

Left alone, your teeth will slowly but surely shift back towards their previous placement, undoing your entire treatment. It’s very important that you use your retainer as directed. Most are given a removable retainer. This will just need to be slipped on when you go to bed. The length of time you’re expected to wear your retainer depends on your situation.  

Some people might be fitted with a permanent retainer behind their teeth. Don’t worry, it’s not something that can be seen. You’ll forget it’s there at all.  

Of course, the only way you can experience the joy of finishing your orthodontic treatment is to first have braces. If you’re ready to begin the journey towards a happier, healthier smile, contact Dhingra Orthodontics today! Whether you need an orthodontist in BeavercreekSpringfield, or Bellefontaine, Ohio, we have you covered.